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Since 2006 I have been using pieces of colorful ceramics rather than

paint and brushes. I produce the mosaic pieces myself painting over used

or new pieces of clay and firing them, and then breaking them into pieces.

In an infinite universe, our finite existence is composed of an endless

number of fragments. By joining these fragments together, they make the

transition from formlessness to form and back again. Each fragment is

selected out of thousands of mosaic pieces that I prepare in advance

gathering, cutting, breaking, kiln firing, painting them and then finds its

place in the complete work. It is a healing process of repair. Placing the

varied tiny fragments, shifting and reorganizing them, it seems as if a

formless, unbounded spirit of infinite space translates itself into small

shapes, which then combine together to produce a larger shape, resulting

in wholeness.

Despite the lengthy process of repair, traces of the former shattering

are still evident in the whole. These traces are evidence of the material's

past life, and having made their mark they have turned it into something new.

I allow each piece to find its place, and putting it at rest makes my mind

rest easy.

In my work a transformation occurs from spiritual formlessness to a

shaped, colorful material and vice versa: from earthly matter such as stone,

glass or china to the subtlest experience of formlessness. An experience

beyond words or shape: the experience of touching on something whole.


    יעל בלומברגר - אמנית פסיפס

Yael Blumberger - Mosaic artist

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